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549 N. Centre St #1 Cumberland, MD 21502
Phone: (301) 876-9152
Toll Free: (888) 876-9220
Fax: (301) 876-9253
[email protected]


Respite Care for Cumberland, MD
and Oakland, MD

ProCare Home Health Providers Offer Quality Short Term Care Options

When you have a loved one needing respite care for Cumberland, MD and Oakland, MD, count on ProCare Home Health Providers. You may not need a long term solution caring for a loved one, but sometimes short term care is a need. That is why we offer respite care so that your loved ones can continue receiving the healthcare they need.

We know that this can be a stressful time for everyone. Let us step in for you so you can have the break you need. Take the chance to recharge while letting your loved ones get the care they need. Reach out to us today for quality service. Call in Cumberland (301) 876-9152, toll free at (888) 876-9220, (301) 334-3500 in Oakland or contact us online.

Helping Take the Stress Off of You When You Need a Break

Caring for a loved one can be one of the most demanding tasks we undertake in our daily lives. Many times this can create so much stress and hardship that it becomes difficult to handle. That can also leave you at risk of potentially missing out on attending to personal matters.

Do not allow yourself to take on this task alone when you feel tired and have to consider your own needs. Our caring home health professionals know how hard it is to take on this challenge on your own. Let us give you the peace of mind you need knowing your loved one’s needs are being handled the right way.

Offering Flexible Solutions for Your Situation

Every caregiver has different needs, and that means working with a schedule that fits everyone. Our staff knows these needs change and will offer flexible scheduling as part of our services. All of our patients receive personalized care plans so they do not miss a beat. We carefully examine their preferences, both personal and medical. This ensures that your loved ones get the care they need while supporters get a needed break.

Our caring and compassionate staff knows how stressful these situations can be for you. We are consistently keeping up with the best practices possible. This ensures that we give your loved ones the care that they deserve. We take great pride in treating all of our patients as if they were our own family. When you need respite care, reach out to us.

Count on ProCare Home Health Providers for
Cumberland, MD and Oakland, MD
for dependable respite care.