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549 N. Centre St #1 Cumberland, MD 21502
Phone: (301) 876-9152
Toll Free: (888) 876-9220
Fax: (301) 876-9253
[email protected]


Nursing Care for Cumberland, MD
and Oakland, MD

ProCare Home Health Providers Offers Quality Independent Nursing Care

When you need dependable nursing care for Cumberland, MD and Oakland, MD, count on ProCare Home Health Providers. Getting quality healthcare in your home is crucial for keeping your independence. Having the knowledge to address a variety of possible health issues is important to maintaining quality of life. That is why we take pride in our trusted home nursing care services.

Reach out to us for home nursing care services. Our patients receive a personalized care plan to meet their unique needs. Everyone should have the opportunity to live in their own home comfortably. Ask us about how we can help you today. Call (301) 876-9152 in Cumberland or toll free at (888) 876-9220, (301) 334-3500 in Oakland or contact us online.

Nursing Care Makes a Positive Difference for Everyone

Our specialized home health care services bring skilled nursing professionals into the homes of patients who need medical assistance. Nursing care supports those with various health conditions. Our home nursing care allows individuals to receive personalized medical attention and treatment. We offer all of this without having patients leave the familiarity and comfort of their home environment. ProCare Home Health Providers offers a wide range of home nursing care services to address various medical needs. We will work to ensure our patients receive the highest level of care possible.

Giving Your Personalized Solutions
So You Can Live Your Best Life

We offer every patient a skilled nursing assessment and conduct comprehensive reviews to understand your condition. Each of these plans considers the medical condition, needs and goals of the individuals. We help you manage medications, take care of your wounds, pain management and IV therapy needs. Our healthcare professionals can also handle chronic disease management, catheter and ostomy care.

Our staff encourages family involvement with patients in helping them maintain a great quality of life. This helps cut down on hospital visits, and gives everyone the peace of mind they need. Get the support you need to live out the life you want to.

Trust ProCare Home Health Providers for
Cumberland, MD and Oakland, MD
for your nursing care needs.