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Is There A Need For Home Care?

There is a need for Home Care Services, and that need is escalating and will become a factor to reckon with as the elderly population numbers continue to increase. Part of this upsurge is due to:

  • Senior citizens are living longer and “baby-boomers” are swiftly approaching their retirement years.

  • The development of Health Care Teams and Health Care Providers enable people to be managed and monitored in their own homes and communities.

  • Because of the high costs of health care in hospitals, patients are being discharged early.
    Many require short-term assistance at home, as they recuperate.

  • Care in the home is more cost effective than care in hospitals/institutions.

  • The quality of life improves for those people who are able to remain in their own homes.

  • The burden on caregivers (family and/or friends who are providing direct care to someone) is increasing.
    Often this can result in caregiver burnout, which in time, leads to the need for outside support.

  • Research is increasing the availability and effectiveness of treatments, medications and technology, which makes it possible for people to be cared for at home rather than being cared for in hospitals/institutions.

These issues continue to place an increasing demand on the need for long-term care. Since health care costs will become even more staggering, the provision of effective in-home care continues to be a strong option.

ProCare Home Health Providers offers Home Support to assure your independence and safety.

Our goal is to promote a happy, healthy, home environment. “Let us be part of your extended family.”

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